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New Client Information

For all first time massage* clients the intake form needs to be completed at time of first service. In the era of COVID-19 you will need to come in with this form completed. You have three options to complete this: 

1. ***NEW*** You can request a 100% online form at this time. It can be sent to you via a text or email. Please contact Lauren by email or text 603.203.4777 to request the form via electronic means. The software does require a mobile number to send it out (even if you ask for it by email) so please make sure to include that number if emailing. It is smart device (best on tablets) and computer friendly. This form automatically loads into my software so this is my preferred.

2. Print, scan, and email it back to Lauren.

3. Print, complete it and bring the paper version with you to your appointment. 

*Reiki/energy only new clients do not need to complete this form.

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