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COVID-19 Procedures & Protocols

In effort to continue to keep the oasis known as my office in a safe, ethical & health-conscious way, the following protocols will be in place starting JUNE 21, 2021.  We are now operating under the State's Universal Best Practices. Taking that and the guidance of CDC into consideration each step has guided the decision making.

UPDATE: Starting June 21, 2021 FULLY VACCINATED clients are not required to wear a mask. I will not be requiring you to prove in any fashion your vaccination status, I just ask that we all use common sense and good judgement on whether you (or I) should be wearing a face covering. 

I am more than happy to continue to wear my face mask for any guest that feels more comfortable with it on. In addition I reserve the right to request any client or guest to wear a face mask based off presenting symptoms/conditions or trending COVID 19 cases in the state/city. I take the safety and personal well being of all my guests very seriously and want to ensure all feel comfortable coming into the office.

Please take a few moments to read through these updated(As of 6/21/21) policies and protocols!


- Masks must be worn in the office and community areas at all times for unvaccinated clients and guests, covering both the nose and mouth. You must provide our own mask/face covering. 

- Hands must be sanitized before and after touching your face or adjusting your mask.

-There will be hand sanitizer located in the office for your health and wellbeing. 


- A Wellness COVID-19 Self pre-screening will be sent out by email the week before your scheduled appointment. You are not required to take action or submit it back unless you answer YES to any question.

- If you book a session and later develop a cough, fever, shortness of breath or any illness symptoms, please contact Lauren ASAP to cancel by either email or text.

- If you arrive for your appointment and display any COVID-19 related symptoms, you will be turned away.


- Please do not arrive more than 5 minutes before your session. If you arrive beforehand, please wait in your vehicle. Since we are in a shared office space I cannot officially control the protocols in place for the other business(es). Please minimize your use of the lobby if your preference is a fully masked environment. 

-Only the client is allowed to attend and be present for the session. If anyone is traveling with you they must wait outside in their car.

-Upon entering the office space please head directly to my office (or the restroom).

-There will be a plastic tray marked on a counter for all your non-clothing items (phone, keys, etc). Please ensure that all items are stored on top of that tray. The less surfaces you and your belongings touch the safer we both are! I encourage you to keep as much non-essential items in your car during your session. 



- Lauren will be wearing a mask at all times if client prefers. 

- Lauren will be screened daily for fever, cough, and any other illness-related symptoms.

- Additional info on office sanitation and disinfectant protocols available upon request.



- At this time bottled water will not be available for giving out. Please bring your own post-session beverage. 

-No outside products are allowed to be used at this time. I carry a full range of organic (scented and unscented) to ensure all clients have access to safe products. 

- I am building in ample time between sessions for intensive disinfecting & sanitation protocols to ensure a safe and pleasant experience for all my clients. Please be patient as we work with these new protocols for treatments.


- All new first time massage/bodywork clients must complete the intake form. In the past this form was completed in the office. However with the new protocols this has changed.

-The Intake Form can be found here. Lauren will be emailing it out a week prior to your appointment in addition. If you have any questions, please contact Lauren directly. 

-New clients still follow the guideline of arriving 5 minutes prior to their scheduled start time.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Lauren via email or text to discuss prior to your scheduled appointment. I truly am looking forward to helping all of you regain some sense of grounding and centeredness as we progress forward. 

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