Session Pre-screen Procedures

Per the State this screening questionnaire will need to be completed and on file for all clients within 24 hours prior to their scheduled appointment. If you have any questions on the questions or your responses please email or text Lauren directly (603.203.4777 for texting) and discuss this. Due to having a one-woman operation I am asking you to complete this electronically to assist in managing this requirement. Upon arrival for your session you will need to complete another health screening survey. I greatly appreciate your understanding and cooperation in keeping everyone safe as we proceed forward. 

Pre-screening Questions prior to Appointments
In the last fourteen (14) days I have experienced the following (choose all that apply)
In the last fourteen (14) days I cetify that I have:

By checking off each of these following items you are agreeing to follow the new MANDATORY protocols put into place effective JUNE 1, 2020 as a response to the on-going COVID-19 situation.  Additional protocols are detailed on the website here.

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